While using Dreesti, you will come across many terms that could be new for you. Here, we are providing short definitions for them. We hope, this will make your experience with Dreesti more convenient and meaningful.

Ascendant The first house of the birth chart. The sign rising on
the Eastern horizon at birth.
Aspect  The influence of a planet directed at another area of the chart.
Bhava  The Sanskrit term for “house” in Vedic Astrology.
Combustion  The condition of a planet too close to the sun, often
weakening the signifi cations represented by the planet.
Conjunction  Commingling of planetary energies when two or
more planets occupy the same house.
Cusp  The middle of a house.
Dasha  A planetary cycle in which a particular planet will give
its results through time. The results depend on the situation
of the planets within the birth chart.
Debilitation  A planet is in the sign of its fall. Here it is weak
and has little power to do good.
Dharma  One’s duty and purpose in the world.
Drishti  Drishti is the ability of a planet to project its energy
to other areas of the chart by infl uencing signs of the zodiac
other than the one in which it resides.