About Us

As the name suggests, Dreesti, helps in providing insights on different aspects of your life. Vedic Science has six major organs. Astrology is one among them and considered to be the sight. Therefore, we, Dreesti is here to provide you insights on yoru life.

Our team consists of authentic Nepali astrologers from the holy land of Nepal. They have been practicing Vedic astrology and rituals for many years.

Our astrologers have completed their formal education in astrology. Some have completed their education in Shastri (Bachelors of Science in Astrology) and some have successfully completed their studies of Acharya (Masters of Science in Astrology). They have years of experience which they will exhibit via Dreesti and assist in different aspects of your life.

Dreesti has the mission of making Vedic astrology accessible to people all over the globe in a convenient, effective, reliable and affordable way. Our astrologers are experienced professionals who will consistently offer an astrology reading that is far beyond the ordinary.

With the Dreesti app, we are committed in combining the very best in time-tested Vedic astrology methods and bring reliable, highest quality and 24/7 available service.

Further, we are also committed in bringing best user experience. Our developers team are working tirelessly  to improve the user experience while remaining as accessible as possible if concerns should arise.

We will always be happy to receive your valuable suggestions.

Warm regards!